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Plan for Kitchen Appliances


How we use our kitchen is personal and varies with each person and family. In my case, all I need is a fridge and a microwave. Some people love to spend all day trying out recipes and cooking for their family.

Whatever you value most in your kitchen, it is important to incorporate your needs and not just copy a picture in a magazine. This is especially true with kitchen appliance planning.

kitchen appliance planning

When it comes to selecting appliances you can really go wild. There are so many bells and whistles that just add to the price and make you forget what purpose the appliance is serving. Before starting to plan your new kitchen visit an appliance store to learn what new products are available and which type of appliances,


like sinks and faucets, you want to include in your plan. Don’t; worry about the exact model or type at this stage, just the general idea of what you want i.e. slide in a stove or built in oven. You need to know this so you can include the kitchen appliance planning in the overall kitchen design.

Choose Proper Kitchen Appliances

Before the kitchen is ordered you will need the exact dimensions of the appliances you have chosen so the cabinets can be customized for the appliances. This will give you a more professional looking kitchen installation.

People always ask me which is better: a gas stove or electric stove. I tell them if you don’t know the answer, stick with electric. Gas is a different way of cooking than electric. It makes sense for some and not for others. In my home, I have gas stove inherited from the previous owner.

However, it doesn’t work for me since I like to cook things slowly and find the gas does work better for fast, hot cooking. Also, I hate cleaning the gas stove; I would rather have a flat electric stove top that wipes clean. My daughter loves the gas stove and would never go back to an electric stove. So it really is a personal thing. I think if you don’t do much cooking an electric stove is easier to maintain.


Slide in Stoves for Kitchen

In my experience, a slide in the stove is so much better than a standard stove. If you do not know what a slide in the stove takes a look at an appliance store for an education on what’s new in stores. With a slide in you do not have the gap where crumbs or worse can accumulate.


There is also no gap in the front of the cabinet doors and the stove. This makes for a built-in look without the built-in cost. It is very important to decide on the stove type before you plan the kitchen cabinets and counter top as the slide in stove requires a narrower width and the counter is cut out of one piece. So do your homework.

Final Thought

If you currently have an electric stove and would like to change to gas make sure this can be done. Call in a gas fitter to confirm that he will be able to make all the connections required to accommodate your gas stove. You don’t want to be disappointed at the time of installation.

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